In addition to planning your independent travel on the Dalton Highway, Arctic Outfitters can make arrangements for you to enjoy guided experiences in Alaska's Arctic. Often these can complement your independent travel with local knowledge about the area and people who make Alaska's Arctic what it is.

Be it a guided day tour to the Arctic Circle, an extended adventure that includes hiking near the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) or an individual side trip such as a river raft trip down the Koyukuk River or a flight-seeing trip from Coldfoot over the Brooks Mountain Range you are looking for, Arctic Outfitters can help make the arrangements for you.

4 Day / 3 Night Dalton Highway Self-Drive Itinerary

Note: This itinerary is a suggested plan for a trip, and not an actual priced package.


Begin your drive north on the Steese and Elliott Highways. Experience the first gravel road of your journey as you cross onto the Dalton Highway. 140 miles north of Fairbanks you have the option to enjoy lunch at Yukon River Camp or stretch your legs as you marvel at the Yukon River. Proceed up to the Arctic Circle, 200 miles north of Fairbanks. Then the next 60 miles make for a leisurely drive to Coldfoot.

Overnight in Coldfoot at Coldfoot Camp where you will experience rustic accommodations typical of Alaska's Arctic. Feel free to stop into Coldfoot Café for your dining pleasure or the Frozen Foot Saloon for a relaxing evening in an authentic arctic atmosphere.


Continue north and enjoy the landscape of the Brooks Mountain Range. Galbraith Lake, north of the Brooks Mountain Range, is a great stop for a picnic, pictures, or hiking. Finish your trek to Prudhoe Bay by driving through the Arctic Coastal Plain. Arrive in Deadhorse and overnight at Deadhorse Camp.


Travel out through the oilfields to the Arctic Ocean on a British Petroleum security company shuttle. Head back south to Coldfoot for another night at Coldfoot Camp.


Finish your adventure at a relaxed pace. Arrive back in Fairbanks for check-in by 12:00 AM, midnight.

Rates for Coldfoot Camp, Deadhorse Camp, and the Arctic Ocean Shuttle can be found at their respective links on our More Links page.



Complement the freedom of independent travel with optional activities that highlight the scenery, and rich natural and gold rush history along the Dalton Highway. Options below are offered by Coldfoot Camp, and prices can be found at - summer and winter activities may differ from the below list.

Wiseman Visit:

Visit a historic gold-mining community and learn of it's dynamic past and present.
8:00 PM departure daily.

Koyukuk River Float:

Enjoy a three-hour leisurely float down the Middle Fork Koyukuk River.
11:00 AM to 2:00 PM daily.

Anaktuvuk Pass Visit:

Scenic flight over the Gates of the Arctic National Park to the Nunamiut Eskimo village of Anaktuvuk Pass.
June - August, 8pm to 11pm.

More information on the above itineraries and all winter optional tours can be found at the Coldfoot Camp website.


offered by Northern Alaska Tour Company

For those looking for tour package options, Northern Alaska Tour Company offers a wide range of experiences that travel the Dalton Highway and Alaska's Arctic. You can find pricing and further information on their website at


Arctic Circle Drive Adventure

A One Day Guided Round Trip Journey By Land Across The Arctic Circle


Arctic Circle Air Adventure

A Round Trip Journey By Air Across The Arctic Circle


Arctic Circle Fly / Drive Adventure

A One Day Guided Round Trip Journey By Air And Land Across The Arctic Circle


Denali Adventure

A Round Trip Journey By Air To North America's Tallest Mountain


offered by Northern Alaska Tour Company

Arctic Ocean Adventure

A Three Day Guided Round Trip Journey By Air And Land To Alaska's Arctic Coast.


Arctic Circle Overnight Adventure

An Overnight Guided Round Trip Journey By Air And Land Into Alaska's Brooks Range


offered by Northern Alaska Tour Company

Alaska's Arctic in the winter is a very different destination than Alaska's Arctic in the summer. The position of Alaska's Arctic near the top of the globe bestows upon it extended periods of light in the summer and twilight in the winter. The extreme seasonal climate changes associated with the alternating dearth and intensity of solar energy are the forces that have powerfully impacted the natural and cultural landscape of Alaska's Arctic. As the falling snow turns the landscape white, the long days of the Midnight Sun give way to brisk nights and aurora borealis dancing in the sky.

Arctic Circle Aurora Adventure

Overnight at Coldfoot Camp, your base camp for exploring the Brooks Mountain Range. During the day take a ride behind Alaskan sled dogs or explore the Brooks Mountain Range as far north as Atigun Pass (weather permitting). Each night scan the northern skies for the brilliant Aurora Borealis. Coldfoot Camp is located directly underneath the Auroral Oval - making it a prime location to search for the Northern Lights.


Aurora Adventure Optional Tours

Arctic Village Aurora:

Enjoy an evening tour to historic Wiseman for a unique cabin visit and an opportunity to enjoy the solitude of the Brooks Mountain Range as you scan the northern sky for Northern Lights. Cabin visit includes complimentary hot beverages. Departs Coldfoot at 10:00 pm and returns at 2:00 am.

Arctic Mountain Safari:

Enjoy an afternoon exploring the Brooks Mountain range on a drive north from Coldfoot on the Dalton Highway. Departs Coldfoot at 10:00 am and returns at 6:00 pm. Meals not included. Box lunch can be purchased at Coldfoot Camp.

Dog Sled Adventures:

Enjoy an afternoon with real Alaskan sled dogs. Learn what it takes to have a dog team in Alaska, enjoy a 30minute ride, and if you wish, drive a team of your own. 2-hour experience.